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Want to find a specific dirt bike selling near you at the lowest price?

Use to track down great deals on all kinds of powersports: dirt bike, motocross and motorcycle, for trail, all-out competition and off-road weekends with your beer-drinking buddies. Suzuki to Honda, 80cc to 450... ATV... dirt bike parts, accessories, aftermarket add-ons - find it here, either direct online or through your local dealership. From cheap and used to new or custom made, offroad to street legal hybrids; the links (left column) lead directly to contact info for your nearby walk-in, brick & mortar motorsports dealership with an online, interactive map for each.

Tip: Beyond your local dealer listings, you'll also find endless listings of dirt bikes for sale on eBay at the best prices anywhere. For last year's model bike or a specific, hard-to-find part, this is probably your best bet. You'll save time, gas and much aggravation. eBay has got a ton of bikes selling 24/7....

The trick is finding one garaged near you so you can actually go pick it up. After all, what good is it to find the perfect motorcycle if it's three thousand miles away? What, you're gonna pay for shipping? Instead, follow the listings here to your individual state to see listings of sales happening online - and near you, most often within a reasonable driving distance (usually within 250 miles). Here's the plan: Visit your local dealership, check out their prices and benefit from their advice - then come back here and click through to great deals online at eBay. (Uh, but see the warning, below.)

Whether you're tackling a full dirt bike rebuild or a simple fix, for parts and accessories try eBay as indexed on this site. Yup, eBay. Check out the listings here for parts, do-it-yourself upgrade/fix-it kits, manuals and accessories for every make and model of motorcycle or dirt bike... one simple search can return more results than every walk-in dealships on the planet combined. You'll save the traffic; you'll save money. Me, I'd search the site (upper right, all pages) and skip the aggravation and time wasted. I'd order online and let the part come to me. Find it here, used and new, for Kawasaki or Aprilia or Yamaha, from frames, rotors, and pistons to mudguards, gas tanks and exhaust pipes.

For ATV and dirt bike parts, you'll not save more anywhere. Check out these listings for the biggest names in the sport (below and bottom, left, all pages):

- Aprilia (The 550 Supermoto plus accessories, parts, manuals & more)
- Benelli (The TRE-K Amazonas, as well as scooters, motocross, etc.)
- BMW (Bikes from the F-Series like low mileage Dakar, qualty parts/accessories)
- Bultaco (First name in Enduro the world over, vintage Alpina, etc.)
- Honda (Chains, sprockets, dirtbike pistons - and forever-classics like the CRF lineup)
- Husqvarna (Dirt bike parts, helmets, brake pads and Husqvarna motorcycles for sale)
- Kawasaki (Skid plates, sprockets, hi-performance parts of all types, KX dirtbikes)
- KTM Powersports (The SX line-up, supermotos to scooters, 100cc to 450 & more)
- Suzuki (Offroad to street legal from the 1st name in dirt bikes, scooters and motorcycles)
- Yamaha (Sweet deals on the TT, the YZ, the PW - new & used, customized to budget)



A Word of Caution
eBay has its bad apples, as does most any group. Research your purchase thoroughly and establish a relationship with your seller before laying down any money. Me, I'd go look at the motor bike in person to check out my intended purchase. (Don't forget, most vehicles listed here are "stabled" within a few hours drive of your home.)

A few things you can do to protect yourself:
- go see the motorcycle in person (or send one of your friends who lives locally)
- get the seller's telephone number and call to say hi, thereby confirming their existence
- any deal that seems to good to be true... probably is
- never, never send payments with Western Union; you can't get your money back
- never, never, never, make deals with someone who sends you an email offering a deal AFTER an auction ends or one outside of eBay

Read this caution before putting any money down. It discusses horse trailers - but the idea is the same.

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